[[slideshow style="4" manual="no"]] http://theme.aarcadethemes.com/preview/images/topshop/grp1/940-1.jpg http://theme.aarcadethemes.com/preview/images/topshop/grp1/940-2.jpg
This is a caption for slide 2.
You can customise captions and even include a link to products displayed in the slide! http://theme.aarcadethemes.com/preview/images/topshop/grp1/940-3.jpg http://theme.aarcadethemes.com/preview/images/topshop/grp1/940-4.jpg http://theme.aarcadethemes.com/preview/images/topshop/grp1/940-5.jpg [[/slideshow]]


This is an example of using the built-in slideshow function on a custom page to create a lookbook for your brand.
You can also change the slide effect, add/remove captions and navigation and more.

Slideshows can be added to any page of your shop, including your home page, in just minutes using Aarcade's unique shortcode system.